Preparing Your Child for a Vaccine

Preparing Your Child for a Vaccine   In the time leading up to the visit, it is fair for you to tell your child that you are unsure whether he/she is receiving a vaccine until the medical staff informs you.   Validate (i.e., communicate that his/her thoughts make sense and you understand) thoughts / feelings… Read More

Toddler Behavior Class at Longwood!

Do you have a preschool-age (2.5-4 years) child? Do you wonder…Is it normal to still have meltdowns at the grocery store? What should I do when my child is behaving in a way I am not happy with? How do children this age play and get along with each other? Why do my preschool-age children seem to… Read More

Protect your child from HPV

You may have heard the news this week that 40-45% of adults are infected with human papilloma virus. 20-25% are infected with the dangerous strains of the virus that are associated with 31,000 cases a year of cancer and 4,000 deaths a year from cervical cancer. It’s alarming to think that one in every four… Read More

Nutrition Services

As pediatricians, we know that healthy eating habits are an important building block for raising healthy children. We also know that this is one of the biggest challenges of parenting! Each age group comes with its own unique set of concerns: from introducing a baby to textures, to getting a toddler to eat something other… Read More

Detergent Pod Dangers

Brightly colored laundry detergent pods are highly concentrated and can cause eye irritation or burning to sensitive skin. Keep these items out of reach of children!

Dangers of Homeopathic Teething Gels

To help with teething pain, we recommend cold teething toys. If you can feel a tooth popping through the gums, and your child seems to be in significant pain, you could also use a weight-appropriate dose of acetaminophen or, for children over six months old, Ibuprofen. We do not recommend the use of any over-the-counter teething… Read More

Children’s Headphone Can Cause Hearing Loss

Headphones are a popular accessory for all ages. Some brands label their products as “safe for young ears” or “100 percent safe listening”. Unfortunately, a recent review by The Wirecutter found that about half of these so-labeled devices may not be as safe as parents think. Unsafe headphones can increase your child’s risk of hearing… Read More

AAP Media Plan

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a new tool to help create a Family media plan. It’s available here through their website for families. We’d suggest sitting down with the whole family to create the plan together – it’s simple and intuitive and t akes into account everything from sleep to chores to homework to… Read More

Addressing Post-Election Stress as an Adult or Young Adult

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, the adrenaline rush after the election concluded has likely left you with many emotions. Many who threw themselves into the election by following the news or engaging in social media may find themselves heavily affected by the news coverage and the opinions of their peers. In… Read More

Addressing Post-Election Stress with your Child

The level of fear, anger, and stress created by this election was huge, no matter which side of the issues you were on.  Many people on both sides are saying it has been “traumatic” for our nation.  Our children have picked up on this, as they witnessed more than a year of non-stop media coverage,… Read More