Sarah Geary, CPNP
Sarah Geary, CPNP

We provide travel consultation to customize care for our patients based on itinerary, health and medical history, and the family’s concerns and needs. Our goal is to prepare the family through counseling, education, vaccinations, and medications in order to reduce the risk of illness and injury during their international travel.

Sarah Geary, CPNP, is our travel nurse practitioner with specific expertise in this area. She can help your provider design a health plan for your trip, or you can schedule an appointment for direct consultation with Sarah. Ideally, the consultation should be at least 4 weeks prior to departure. Some vaccines and malaria prophylaxis medication should be started some weeks before travel to be effective.

During the consultation, vaccine indications, contraindications and timing of doses will be determined. If malaria prophylaxis is needed, the medication side effects and course will be discussed.

Your travel consultation will include:

  1. Risk and prevention of insect-borne diseases
  2. Methods to reduce foodborne and waterborne illnesses
  3. Management of traveler’s diarrhea
  4. Animal avoidance and rabies prevention
  5. If appropriate, behavior risks like STDs and/or illegal drug use

At the time of the consultation it is important that the family bring the exact itinerary!!

The following information is required:

  1. The specific countries and regions to be visited (in order of travel)
  2. If the visit will be in an urban or rural area
  3. The exact dates and length of travel in each area
  4. The reason for travel (vacation, visiting friends/relatives)
  5. Mode of transportation while in each area
  6. Planned activities while traveling

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