Homework Hints

Here are some helpful homework hints…

  • Make sure you have an understanding of the assignment BEFORE you go home
    It is much easier to ask the teacher any questions about the assignments at the end of class, than to try to figure it out later when you get home.
  • Use any extra time you have at school to start your homework.
    This doesn’t mean start your work while class is going on, but maybe use study hall to study or get a head start while you’re waiting for the bus.
  • Budget your time and make a plan.
    Plan out your evening ahead of time. Do you have any other activities going on? Depending on how heavy your homework load is determines how much time you need to devote to homework that night. Creating enough time to study eliminates the stress of trying to cram it in all right before you go to bed.
  • Pick a place that is quiet and free from distraction.
    Distraction by the TV, loud noises, or other people can create potential for making mistakes and making your homework last even longer! Good places to do work include your room (with electronics off), a home office, or the library. Make sure you have a table or desk with enough room to spread out and have your computer handy. Avoid extra comfy places like your bed or a soft couch…you may fall asleep!
  • Start with the hardest or most complicated assignments first.
    A challenging assignment will require more energy and focus than an easy one. Try to get through the hard work first, and then move on to the quick and easier studying. If you get stuck with the challenging material you can always take a break, finish up your easier work, and then go back to the hard work later on.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
    Go to the person who assigned you the work! Asking questions that clarify what the teacher is looking for can help you complete the assignment correctly. This not only helps you avoid any mistakes or confusion, but also shows your teacher that you are making an effort to do well in his/her class. If you have an older brother or sister they may have taken the class you’re having a tough time with and be able to offer some advice or tips. Believe it or not, mom and dad can be of help too! Just ask!
  • Have a classmate’s contact info on hand.
    Maybe they will be able to talk you through that tough math problem or lend you the notes you missed in English class.
  • Take a break if needed.
    Homework can be mentally draining if you’re working for a while. If you’re stuck on a problem or find yourself losing focus, take a short 15 minute break! This gives you a chance to refuel with a snack, stretch your legs to wake up, and come back with a fresh take on that problem.
  • Double check yourself.
    If you have extra time, take an extra quick look over your work. This can help you determine if you have completed each assignment correctly and catch any mistakes you may have made.

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