Children’s Headphone Can Cause Hearing Loss

06headhphonesjp-master675Headphones are a popular accessory for all ages. Some brands label their products as “safe for young ears” or “100 percent safe listening”. Unfortunately, a recent review by The Wirecutter found that about half of these so-labeled devices may not be as safe as parents think. Unsafe headphones can increase your child’s risk of hearing loss. “Safe listening is a function of both volume and duration: The louder a sound, the less time you should listen to it.” There are no regulations for sound output from headphones currently sold in the US. Headphones with noise cancellation technology are important to look for. Even with these features experts have suggested a few common sense listening tips:
1) Keep volume at a max of 60%
2) Encourage listening breaks, at least every hour
3) Your child should still be able to hear your voice and answer questions over the headphones if they are an arm’s length away