Detergent Pod Dangers

Sometimes, common household products that seem harmless can post danger to young children. Single use laundry detergent pods are one of these products. The detergent in these pods is very highly concentrated, and much stronger then the detergent that comes in liquid bottled form. Because the packets are brightly colored and squishy, they are attractive and seem like toys to young children. However, they can be dangerous if swallowed. If they are punctured, they can burn the skin. The detergent can also burn the cornea of the eye of it gets directly into the eye, or if a child rubs her eye with the detergent-covered hand. What can you do to prevent this?
1. Keep laundry detergent pods and all other household chemicals well out of reach of any children.
2. If your child if your child swallows a pod, call poison control immediately.
3. If your child gets detergent from a pod in his or her eye, flush the eye immediately with cool water for 20 minutes continuously and call the office.