Nutrition Services

As pediatricians, we know that healthy eating habits are an important building block for raising healthy children. We also know that this is one of the biggest challenges of parenting! Each age group comes with its own unique set of concerns: from introducing a baby to textures, to getting a toddler to eat something other than pasta, to packing a healthy lunch that a school-age child will actually eat, to dealing with a teenager who has decided to become a vegan.
Tara McCarthy, MS, RDN, LDN
Kelly Ciovacco, MS, RD, LDN, CSN
There’s so much information online, it’s often hard for parents to decide what healthy really is, and how to get their children to eat it! For example, many people have recently gone gluten-free. That’s crucial for patients diagnosed with celiac disease. However, recent articles suggest that going gluten free may actually be unhealthy for people without celiac, since high rice content may increase levels of mercury and arsenic.
We also know that the eating habits children learn may impact their eating habits as adults, and their long-term health. February is American Heart Month, and earlier this month the American Heart Association released a statement, based on recent data, saying that people who regularly eat breakfast have a lower risk of heart disease. 
We know that healthy eating involves lots of decisions, lots of convincing kids what to eat, and is important for children’s health. Sometimes, it’s hard to go it alone. That’s why we were so excited this fall, when Tara McCarthy, MS, RDN, LDN and Kelly Ciovacco, MS, RD, LDN, CSN, two fantastic nutritionists, began seeing patients in our office on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. We’re happy to report that this has been so successful that they have graciously agreed to expand their hours! We really enjoy working with them, and our patients find their advice and guidance to be incredibly useful in their everyday lives. Kelly has extended her Saturday morning hours into the early afternoon.  In addition to seeing patients on Thursday evening, Tara will now be seeing patients on Tuesday evenings as well.
If you find that you’re struggling with trying to figure out what are healthy foods for your children, get your children to eat healthy foods, trying to get your children to gain or lose an appropriate amount of weight, balancing food allergies or medical problems, Tara and Kelly would be happy to help you! Please call the office, and our staff will schedule an appointment for you to see one of these excellent nutritionists in our office during their newly available expanded hours.