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Directly across the street from Boston Children’s Hospital, our practice’s unique location gives our patients exceptional access to the hospital’s programs and specialists, and all of our physicians hold appointments at Harvard Medical School. Our board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners will make Longwood Pediatrics your child’s medical home.


Effective Exercises to Help with Anxiety

In last week’s post, we covered come general strategies to help anxious kids and teens. This week, we will focus on some breathing techniques that can help. Breathing exercises are taught by a range of professionals, from therapists to yoga teachers, and endless YouTube videos. […]


Anxiety is among the most common issues for children and young adults from age 2-22. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in children, and somewhere from 15-20% of all children and teens will suffer from anxiety disorders over their lifetime. Many children […]

Skin Directed Management for Atopic Dermatitis

A recent Clinical Report¹ from the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasized the importance of ‘skin-directed’ care for management of AD.  This work comes from an improved understanding of the root causes starting with abnormalities of the skin barrier. 4 components of skin care: Maintenance care […]