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For over 75 years, our private practice has been providing generations of families with the highest quality primary care.

Directly across the street from Boston Children’s Hospital, our practice’s unique location gives our patients exceptional access to the hospital’s programs and specialists, and all of our physicians hold appointments at Harvard Medical School. Our board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners will make Longwood Pediatrics your child’s medical home.


The Pediatrician’s Guide to Halloween

I would imagine that very few things make you feel like more of a kill-joy than being a pediatrician writing about Halloween.  Maybe being a dentist writing about Halloween is worse. Because generally, we are not people who are in favor of holidays that involve [...]

It’s That Time of Year: Flu Vaccine and Flu Season

Why/Who Should Get Flu Vaccine, and When? Influenza causes over 200,000 hospitalizations, thousands to tens of thousands of deaths, and over 100 pediatric deaths per year in the United States. Influenza vaccine is recommended because it decreases the chances of getting the flu and because [...]

A somber matter: Our thoughts on the scary but important subject of preventing teen suicide..

“Any man’s death diminishes me,” says the John Donne poem. I can think of no better words to describe how I feel at the news of any teen suicide.  Each time, I feel disheartened, despondent, diminished. I, who did not know these children. For their [...]

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