Until what age do you see patients?

We provide care to patients from birth through college.

How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?

Our schedules are released for booking 1 year in advance. Due to the high volume of well checkup appointments, especially during the summer months, it is best that you call the office to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. To schedule a well appointment or followup, you can either call the office during regular business hours or log onto the patient portal. Please note that when using the patient portal you will receive a response within 72 hours but no later than 5 business day.

If you would like to schedule an urgent sick visit appointment please call the office between 8:30 am & 5:30 pm on weekdays. For urgent visits on weekends and holidays it is best to call between 8:30-10am to ensure that you can get an appointment for the day.

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What is your vaccine policy?

We, at Longwood Pediatrics, feel that fully vaccinating your child is one of the most important things we do.

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Why should my child receive an Influenza vaccine every year?

An annual Influenza vaccination is recommended for all children. Certain groups of children are at increased risk of complications from Influenza. These groups include children

However, even healthy children can suffer serious morbidity and mortality if they get sick with Influenza. Every year in the U.S. during a typical Flu season, greater than one hundred children die from Influenza. Some years the number of deaths can be much higher due to more virulent strains. About half of the children who die are previously healthy. They do not have any underlying risk factors known to increase risk of poor outcomes with the Flu infection. Nearly 100% of the children who die from Influenza are under-immunized.

Find out more information from the CDC on the Influenza infection and vaccine click here 

How often does my child need to be seen?

Routine visits for children 2 and under should be scheduled at 2 weeks, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24 months of age. Starting at 3 years of age your child should have a well visit annually.

How can I tell if my child is having a reaction to a vaccine?

Typical vaccine reactions might include pain and/or redness at the injection site, fever, fussiness, and irritability. If you have any concerns that your child might be having a vaccine reaction, please call the office.

What is the correct dose of tylenol or motrin for my child?

Both Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Motrin (ibuprofen) dosages are based on your child’s weight. View the correct dose for your child

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse practitioners (also referred to as advanced practice nurses, or APNs) have a master’s degree in nursing (MS or MSN) and board certification in their specialty. For example, a pediatric NP has advanced education, skills, and training in caring for infants, children, and teens. All of our PNPs are board certified in pediatrics. PNPs can take medical histories, perform physical examinations on children, make medical diagnoses, write prescriptions, and provide counseling and treatment. PNPs work closely with our doctors to deliver comprehensive care to our patients.

Do I have to accompany my child to his/her appointment?

If a parent/guardian is not able to accompany a child to their appointment, then they should either send a reliable caretaker/historian in their place and/or be readily available by phone to consent to treatment/vaccines and to discuss follow-up care.

What is the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is an online method for performing many of your routine non-medical tasks. Our Patient Portal allows you access 24-hours per day.

Through our Patient Portal you can perform the following actions:

  • Renew a prescription
  • Request a non-urgent appointment
  • Change your contact information
  • Change your address
  • Send a message to your Doctor and nurse
  • Request a health form for school, camp or daycare
  • Register a family member
  • Request a referral authorization number

To sign up for our Patient Portal you must complete an enrollment form for each child. When you are in the office we can activate your account and generate your username and password. There is a unique username and password for each child.

If I have not scheduled an appointment can I just walk in?

Please note that we do not have walk-in appointments available. If you want a sibling to be seen with another child, please call so we can be prepared for the visit.

What happens if we are late for an appointment?

We understand that given our location there may be unavoidable traffic. When planning a visit to our office, please try to allow extra time for traffic and parking. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late for your appointment, we will try our best to still see your child, however in some circumstances you may be asked to reschedule. Despite all our efforts to maintain a prompt schedule, sometimes the providers run late due to unexpected emergencies.